Creating Data Packages in JavaScript

This tutorial will show you how to install the JavaScript libraries for working with Data Packages and Table Schema, load a CSV file, infer its schema, and write a Tabular Data Package.


For this tutorial we will need datapackage-js which is a JavaScript library for working with Data Packages.

Using Node Package Manager (npm), install the latest version of datapackage-js by entering the following into your command line:

npm install [email protected]

Run the datapackage --help command to find out all options available to you.

Creating a package

The basic building block of a data package is the datapackage.json file. It contains the schema and metadata of your data collections.

Now that the node package for working with data packages has been installed, create a directory for your project, and use the command datapackage infer path/to/file.csv to generate a schema for your dataset. To save this file in the directory for editing and sharing, simply append > datapackage.json to the command above, like so:

datapackage infer path/to/file.csv > datapackage.json

This creates a datapackage.json file in this directory.


Now that you have created your Data Package, you might want to publish your data online so that you can share it with others.

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