Tutorial Template

How to do a thing using a tool

In this tutorial you'll learn how to {do a thing using a tool} to {provide some benefit} (This first sentence may be inspired by a user story).

Clearly state the objective of your tutorial in the title and then once again in more detail at the very beginning of the tutorial. This gives readers an idea of what to expect and helps them determine if they want to continue reading.

Tutorial time : 20 minutes

Audience : Beginner Data Packagers {user role} with {skill level}.

What you'll need

You'll need a basic understanding of:

  • JSON syntax
  • how to run commands in Terminal

To complete this tutorial you'll need:

  • a computer (macOS or Windows) with access to the internet
  • an account on datahub.io (here's how)


Introduce any basic concepts.

To {achieve the benefit} we'll guide you through these steps:

  1. import the data
  2. generate a table schema
  3. create a data package
  4. publish the data package

1. Import the data

Write in a friendly, conversational style. Using humor is fine.

2. Generate a table schema

Include pictures. Highlight key items on screenshots. Make sure pictures can be view in fullsize.

3. Create a data package

Explain why something must be done, not just how to do it.

4. Publish the data package

In this step you'll...


In 4 simple steps you've learned how {do a thing}. With this new knowledge, now you can {achieve a benefit}.

Now go {do something}

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