The Plan

From September 2018 and over a period of three years, the Frictionless Data team will focus on enhanced dissemination and training activities, and further iterations on our software and specifications via a range of deep pilot projects with research partners.


At the onset of this project, we spent time reflecting on FAIR research principles in relation to Frictionless Data, and expounded on the concept of data packages as an example of FAIRness. Serah Rono's talk from FORCE 2018 summarises our work and vision for this project.


We welcome questions, suggestions and invitations to collaborate from research communities in various domains. All correspondence sent to our team via [email protected] will be carefully mulled over and responded to.

The Team

  • Paul Walsh, Principal Investigator

    Paul Walsh is the Chief Product Officer at Open Knowledge Foundation, with overall responsibility for the technical product the organisation produces and maintains. Paul has over 10 years experience working on product, technology, and marketing in the commercial and nonprofit sectors.

  • Jo Barratt, Project Manager

    Jo Barratt is the Frictionless Data project manager and Delivery Manager at Open Knowledge Foundation. He has over 10 years experience managing projects across a wide range of technology, arts and communications projects.

  • Lilly Winfree, PhD, Product Owner

    Lilly Winfree has her PhD in neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University and is an open science and open data enthusiast. Lilly’s research interests include understanding the cultural motivations of scientists to share their data. As the Product Manager for Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research at Open Knowledge Foundation, she is also exploring how computational tools can enhance researcher’s workflows with a goal of making scientific data more open, shareable, and reproducible.

  • Adrià Mercader, Tech Lead

    Adrià has over a decade of experience working in the Open Data and Civic Tech fields. He is an enthusiast of the Open Web, specially the communities built around Open Source projects and Open Standards. He is a member of the CKAN Technical Team and works across different projects at Open Knowledge Foundation. He has a Degree in Biology and an MSc in Geographic Information Systems. He currently lives near the shores of the Mediterranean, in the beautiful city of Tarragona.

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